Награђујемо кориснике апликације!

1> Aктивирај апликацију 2> Купи за 10.000 динара или више у једном дану 3> Добијаш е-ваучер од 1.000 динара

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Galerija Belgrade

We have a big surprise for the visitors! In addition to the combination of enjoyment and shopping, Galerija is now rewarding you, with the aim to make the complete experience even better.


If you spend a total of 10,000 dinars or more in one day from May 31st to June 13th, you have a chance to gain an e-voucher worth 1,000 dinars in a few simple steps:


1.       Activate the Galerija Belgrade app.

2.       Scan the receipts collected during one day.

3.       If the total value of the receipts is 10,000 dinars or more, you will receive an e-voucher worth 1,000 dinars in the app

4.       Use the e-voucher for one of the next purchases.


You will find an offer that will satisfy any fashion style in more than 200 stores. Also, there are also a handful of entertainment facilities, as well as restaurants and cafes where you can make a break overlooking the river. Galerija Belgrade app provides users with numerous benefits: from savings while shopping by collecting points, through monthly rewards for Silver and Gold members, information about sales and events, to the “Find my car” option. Activate the application, scan the receipts and indulge in fun and relaxation on the riverbank.