Deset ideja za brzi obrok u Galeriji

Shopping can make you hungry, and it's not bad to eat something solid before the cinema. When you want a quick and delicious meal, in the food hall on the second floor of Galerija, across from the cinema, you will find the most diverse and best fast food offered in the city in one place.

You can enjoy sharing food with friends by saying, “try a bite from my plate, and I'll take a bit from yours.” But Brt Burger will tell you that's not how it's done. Once you try one of their super juicy burgers, you definitely won't want to leave it to others. Maybe only if you order two right away, like Gangsta's Paradise and California Love. Choose accessories and know it is not terrible if a bit of water runs down the chin.

For Mexicans, a meal without a tortilla is almost unthinkable, and they use it in the most imaginative ways. Chicken tacos or beef quesadillas? When prepared by Amigos Mexican Grill, every combination is a winner. The authentic Mexican specialty Barbacoa is packed in a crispy tortilla. It's slow-cooked beef, perfectly balanced by toppings like red beans, roasted peppers, and corn salsa.


For fans of another fast-food classic, there is Hot Dog Factory - a brand-new domestic brand inspired by American hotdogs, which brings an unprecedented way of preparing and filling this legendary meal. When you try their Chicago or Memphis specialty in a bun, you will understand why more than 15 billion hot dogs are eaten in America every year.

How many times have you sat down in a top restaurant, and your little one orders the same dish for the hundredth time - crispy chicken? For a change, we suggest taking him out for some top-notch chicken at Krispy Chicken. Depending on how hungry you are, order the Silver Box or the Gold Box. This portion contains the crunchiest sticks, nuggets, drumsticks, and wings you can imagine. Lovers of slightly spicy food will not be disappointed with the Spicy Twister. This is again crispy chicken, but this time in a toasted tortilla with lots of vegetables and mozzarella.

Some believe that there is no fast food without pizza. Korizza is the place where the famous and unique Korizza Slaninica is made. It is most beautiful when it comes out of the oven. She is the main reason most people return here, but not less so because of the fantastic Italian sandwiches and the chocolate shells with Nutella and hazelnuts.

Love Sandwich is the right place for anyone who wants “fuel” for more adventures after shopping. It is the concept of one of the most sought-after models in the world, Ivana Korab, according to which even the quickest bites become an exciting gastronomic experience. For those in love, the Big Love sandwich in a bread roll or flatbread, with ham, cheese, and two types of salad, is ideal, and if they are not very hungry, they can share a “special love”. Special Love is filled with smoked cheese, crispy bacon, dry neck, and vitamin salad.

You're sure to find juicy gyros and souvlaki at Mr Greek if you follow the trail of spice that smells of the sea. Here you can enjoy the traditional dishes of Greece such as souvlaki, skepasti, tzatziki, kebab, and, of course, gyros in 1001 ways. Do not miss the opportunity to sweeten yourself with real Greek baklava with pistachios.

There is a legend that explains why one of the most popular Mexican specialties is called the “small donkey” (burrito). At the beginning of the 20th century, a street food vendor named Juan Mendez brought a variety of Mexican specialties wrapped in tortillas to keep them from getting cold. He sent them on a donkey every day to the Mexican city of Chihuahua, hence the name. For a quick gastronomic leap to faraway Mexico, stop by Burrito Madre and create a roll to your liking. They believe that food should be cooked, chopped, and prepared with juices, and everything is fast and modern there. Their slogan is fresh, fresh, and only fresh - nothing from canned goods or vending machines.

Is a delicious burger the undisputed “king” of fast food for you? If so, stop by McDonald's. Big Mac, Cheeseburger or McChicken, salad or wrap, desserts, and coffees... it's up to you to choose your favorite combination. If you didn't know, it is the first and only restaurant-type Mac in domestic shopping centers, located in a separate area on the second floor, so you can enjoy your meal after shopping or before the cinema on the restaurant's terrace with a view of the river. Digital ordering terminals are a special experience. At three kiosks, you can independently select the desired products using the touch screen. The customer can pay with a card at the terminal itself or with cash at a separate cash register. Only after your order is received does the order start to be prepared, which means that you always get a fast but freshly prepared meal.

When you want to introduce guests from abroad to the rich flavors of Serbia, prepared according to traditional recipes, take them to Walter. You will find the finest kebabs, warm flatbreads, the highest quality meat, and the tastiest delicacies that bring you back to your childhood in this restaurant on the first floor, with a spacious terrace and a view of the Sava. Walter is the right place for all gourmet lovers, even the youngest ones. While waiting for their favorite kebabs or chicken nuggets, the little ones can hang out, play, and draw in a specially decorated creative corner.

With such a broad selection, it's not easy to decide, but there's nothing stopping you from trying something entirely different each time. Know that every day from 10 AM to 10 PM the most delicious quick bites are waiting for you in Galerija. These bites can be eaten without a twinge of conscience.

Povezane radnje

Burrito Madre

BURRITO MADRE PRIČA Urban brand – u urbanoj sredini, okrenut urbanim, mladim, poslovnim ljudima. MI VERUJEMO U PRAVU HRANU, upoznajte šta nas pokreće Iz samih korena kulture ishrane crpimo inspiraciju da u moderan život vratimo PRAVU HRANU. Hranu koja se kuva, secka, sprema i živi u svojim sopstvenim sokovima… sve moderno servirano i posluženo… brzo!


U prijatnom ambijentu sa opuštajućim pogledom na reku Savu i Beograd čekaju vas bogati ukusi Srbije pripremljeni po tradicionalnim receptima, savršeni za sve ljubitelje gurmanluka.

Love Sandwich

Novi koncept sendviča, Ivana Korab!


Brt je neko ko se uvek maksimalno iscima za tebe. Brt te pažljivo sasluša do kraja i posle obavezno pita je l’ ti treba još nešto. Brt ne očekuje da dođeš do njega, već ti stiže direkt na prag.

Hot Dog Factory

Hot Dog Factory je novi beogradski fast food brend. Inspirisani američkim hot dogovima predstavljamo vam novi način pripreme i filovanja legendarne, američke brze hrane. Kvalitetom hot dogova i kombinacijom priloga želimo da vam pokažemo zašto se u Americi za godinu dana pojede više od 15 milijardi hot dogova.


Pica za svačiji ukus.

Krispy Chicken

Novi lokal u Food Hall-u.


Predahnite od kupovine u McDonald’s-u i uživajte u vrhunskim, za vas sveže pripremljenim proizvodima. Big Mac, Cheeseburger ili McChicken, salata ili vrap, deserti i kafe … na vama je da odaberete svoju omiljenu kombinaciju. Dobrodošli u McDonald’s u Galeriji!

Amigos Mexican Grill

Pileća krilca u čokoladi ili u pikantnom sosu sa medom? Kada ih sprema Amigos Mexican Grill , svaka varijanta je dobitna.


Od suvlakija do girosa, Mr. Greek donosi sveže namirnice i jedinstvene ukuse Mediterana. Uživajte u tradicionalnim jelima Grčke i začinima koji nam mirišu na more..