Gastronomska tura: Vodič kroz ekskluzivne restorane u Galeriji

There are days that are a little different from others when we mark important life moments or simply want to celebrate life in all its beauty. For such moments, we also want a special ambiance, where everything is perfect - from impeccably starched tablecloths, cutlery, and glazed glasses, to top-quality food and service, all the way to an authentic interior that will complete the experience.


Such places await you at Galerija, so come with us on a short gastronomic tour through exclusive restaurants on the banks of the Sava, where even a completely ordinary day turns into a memorable experience.


If you are an indulger of fine dining, then you know that a perfect meal requires much more than deliciously prepared and served food. A creative chef is expected not only to skillfully bring out the best from the ingredients but also to make the plate look so that it “tickles” the taste receptors at first glance.


When was the last time you tasted something for the first time? In exclusive restaurants, you will encounter dishes that you have probably never heard of, and that is one of their charms. The chef is tasked with following trends and gradually incorporating them into the menu in an authentic way. You will see for yourself in the Supreme Steak restaurant, where, as the name suggests, meat plays the main role and where you will have the opportunity to taste the refined flavors of the best-aged steak. In addition to meat, you will have the opportunity to enjoy seafood and other specialties of Mediterranean cuisine with a direct view of the “show kitchen”.

If you are a fan of design and unusual details, the sparkling chandeliers that local artisans assembled from small pieces of glass, as well as the long wall covered with semicircular glazed tiles in several shades of metal will attract your attention, owing to the design of the famous architect, Bojan Šupeljak.

Šupeljak, as one of premier architects in Belgrade also designed the interior of the W Sushi restaurant, and it's an opportunity to see for yourself that the creativity of the greatest artists knows no bounds. Here, the design is very minimalistic: the terrazzo floor is in shades of gray and black, while the walls are covered in a dark wood in homage to Japanese tradition, with orange beams as a detail. A slightly more private part of the restaurant is perfect for business lunches or birthday parties. At every other opportunity, you can sit at the low bar where you will watch sushi masters creating pure exoticism live. The best contemporary Japanese and Asian culinary journey you can embark awaits you here, bite by bite. And the cocktail menu was created to perfectly accompany the authentic flavors of Asian and international cuisine. Don't miss the cocktail served in a cloud of steam!

Are you a fan of stunning tastes and smells of the Mediterranean cuisine? If so, start from Primavera restaurant. From potage and main course to the tastiest desserts, you will experience a real explosion of flavors. Try Mediterranean-style snails, Adriatic squid with Dalmatian stew, or anything else from the carefully thought-out menu, where each dish will win you over at the first bite. Toast with a bottle of wine of your choice from the best domestic and international wineries and leave your thoughts to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean.

Restaurant Pupin is one of those places where the desire for food intensifies just by looking at the plate. Here, every connoisseur of comfort and sophisticated style will find a corner to enjoy. Chicken pate with strawberry jam, crispy calamari salad, and herb-crusted steak are just some of the 60 or so different flavor combinations. In an elegant interior with a view of the river, with the performance of eminent musical stars on weekends (Vasil Hadžimanov's band, Lena Kovačević, Marko Louis, Katarina Bogićević), every outing becomes an experience to remember.

These restaurants are “tucked away” away from the many visitors and shopaholics who visit Galerija every day, so you will be able to treat yourself to a nice and intimate meal with the most refined tastes that Belgrade has to offer. Whichever you choose, take enough time to fully indulge all your senses.