Doživi najlepše ukuse proleća s pogledom na reku

Sava Promenada je zbog svoje lepote i živopisnih prizora omiljeno beogradsko šetalište tokom čitave godine, ali je u proleće posebno neodoljiva za sve prave hedoniste.

Due to its beauty and picturesque scenes, Sava Promenada is a favorite Belgrade promenade throughout the year, but in spring it is especially irresistible for all true hedonists. Then the restaurants at Galerija, which have gardens overlooking the river, become the epicenter of the most beautiful seasonal flavors – from refreshing salads with seasonal vegetables to light fish specialties, to the finest desserts with juicy strawberries.

Surely you can already see yourself enjoying gastronomic magic in some sunny garden. But there's no need to dream too much, just use the first sunny day to go down to the river. If you're wondering where to start, we suggest a restaurant whose name evokes the magic of spring all year round.

Zucchini and chamomile potage? Bring it! 

If the "boot" is your favorite part of the Mediterranean, Galerija is the right place for an authentic gastronomic flirtation with Italy. At the La Cucina restaurant, don't miss the minestrone with 14 types of vegetables and veal, as well as the steak tartare alla piemontese. Giulia has an unusual spring potage of zucchini and chamomile on the menu. If you need something to quickly replenish your energy during a shopping break, there is their unsurpassed carbonara classica.

Do you know how pasta is made inside of parmesan wheel? Check it out personally at Ristorante Italiano Da Pippo, where it is mixed directly in front of you by chefs from Italy in an authentic interior that evokes Neapolitan alleyways with clotheslines. And then go out on the terrace and enjoy a superb meal with a view of the Sava. This dolce vita riverside experience will round off tiramisu the Cotto way – an irresistible blend of coffee, cocoa, and creamy mascarpone filling.

Primavera is a place where the stunning tastes and smells of the Mediterranean come together in a fairytale setting by the river: the creamiest pasta and potages, Mediterranean-style snails, Adriatic squid with Dalmatian stew, and magical delicacies such as chocolate souffle with almonds and homemade ice cream.

Both tasty and healthy

It's spring, and it's like summer and you're at the sea. That's the impression you'll get when you taste thinly sliced smoked steak in Elizondo olive oil with cornsalad and almonds in the garden of the Bottega restaurant, while the sun slowly sets behind the horizon. With good wine and cheerful company, every evening like this is a small holiday.

When the mercury in the thermometer rises, we like lighter meals based on vegetables and seafood. This again leads us to the Mediterranean, whose cuisine is not without reason one of the healthiest and at the same time irresistibly delicious. Clams and shrimps on the terrace of the Momi Crazy Fish restaurant will immediately transport you to the Adriatic coast. The same applies to their sea bass, sea bream, sole, common dentex, and the rest of the "crazy sea world" in the creative interpretation of top chefs.

Don’t count calories

When you want something homemade, Cross is the place where traditional home cooking turns into a real gastronomic miracle. Try the crispy pork and don't ask about the calories – you'll spend them walking around the largest shopping center in the region. And don't even ask the chef for the recipe, because it's top secret. Remember that national specialties are prepared here with endless love and skill.

The same goes for Kolo, another oasis of hedonism that nurtures a blend of authentic flavors and traditional dishes. For a home-style spring breakfast with a view of the Sava, we suggest their lángos, French toast, or real homemade cheese pie. If you prefer a lighter morning option, Avenia makes great fitness scrambled eggs from egg whites, broccoli, cheddar cheese, and dried crispy onions.

Wondering where to bring someone you want to impress with top-quality food in a fine dining concept? Supreme Steak House is one such place and a spring course under a clear sky might look like this: lobster soup, Supreme steak tartare, then boneless American Black Angus ribs. Hardly anyone will remain indifferent.

Spring is for spring rolls

In the spring, Galerija is the best address for lovers of various Asian cuisines. You can enjoy the specialties without a guilty conscience because, due to the abundance of vegetables and fish, Asian cuisine is also one of the healthier. Try the spring rolls with meat at Shangri La Sushi restaurant - they are completely authentic, without any modifications to suit local tastes. If you come with a larger group, a large plate with several types of sushi is a good idea.

At the W Sushi restaurant, you can watch live sushi masters demonstrating pure exoticism. By the way, their specialties have become a hedonistic symbol of Belgrade's modern gastronomic offer. How about seared tuna slices in ponzu sauce, with sesame mix in a mint cream sauce? An excellent choice to start the W gastronomic experience in an idyllic atmosphere by the river!

Come today and experience the combination of excellent food, pleasant ambiance, and unforgettable views. Your spring gastronomic adventure at Sava Promenada can begin!