Odluka za 2024: Zasladi svaki dan

Zimska čarolija nastavlja se i nakon praznika, a Galerija je tvoja oaza za slatke trenutke!

The winter magic continues even after the holidays, and Galerija is your oasis for sweet moments! Enjoy warm bites, such as juicy apple pies or tempting chocolate tarts with raspberries. Now is the perfect time to slow down, gather with loved ones, and share the flavors that make life sweeter. Our guide through the confectioneries in Galerija is your ally in discovering the tastiest five-star desserts. Let every shopping moment become a holiday of sweet delights!

Just Like Before – and Even Better

Kafeterija in Galerija is the right place for you if you like to take a break from shopping with excellent coffee. There are more than 15 types of coffee from around the world on offer, and the treats here are top-notch. We recommend the famous Three Chocolates cake or raspberry chocolate tart.

If you want to experience the fusion of tradition and a modern approach to the pastry craft, stop by Chiara Cafe. A slice of Moscow Slice cake, Reform cake, or Kinder cubes instantly takes you back to childhood, reminding you of carefree days when simple things were enough to cheer us up. And no, you won't think that cakes were better back then. You'll see that they have become even more delicious now.

According to Grandma's Recipe

If you're a fan of creative and charming treats, be sure to visit Lutak. It's hard to say what's more "Instagrammable" here - the interior or the sweets made from our grandmothers' recipes but with a modern twist. Famous Esterhazy, Reform, and Moscow cakes, imaginative tarts, and special Lutak pies are prepared here. Keep in mind that the pies take a bit longer, but they are worth every moment.

For passionate ice cream lovers, Crna Ovca is practically a second home, and they know every flavor, including the unbeatable sesame coffee with chocolate coffee beans. If you're also a gelato fan, don't miss out on the phenomenal chocolates and sweets created at this place. Be sure to try the hazelnut and cinnamon cookie, as well as caramelized white chocolate with granola and salty chocolate pearls.

Memorable Tastes

Classics are classics for a reason, and they never get boring. When it comes to apple pies, check if Gram confectionery is truly better than all the others in town, as the story goes. They will surely tempt you with their pistachio cheesecake, but don't rush. Open your calendar and schedule the next encounter with this delicacy made from mascarpone, Italian pistachio paste, white chocolate mousse, and raspberry and cookie sprinkles.

Sharing Happiness

Sweets are much more than food. They are an expression of care, affection, and the universal language of love. Sharing a favorite cake becomes a symbol of togetherness and connection. Lola Cafe is the perfect place to share happiness with a loved one through a crumbly apple pie with cinnamon, raisins, and walnuts or a cake with dark chocolate, walnuts, and candied orange. Enjoy them with fragrant winter teas that are like a warm embrace. For the little ones, order Lola's magical children's drink and watch their faces light up with joy as they sip on hot Belgian chocolate with whipped cream, sprinkled with colorful crumbs.

Sweet the Koko Way

If your choice is healthy flourless and sugar-free cakes, you must meet the new star at Koko cafe - Raw Ferrero. A perfectly creamy blend of cashews, hazelnuts, dates, apricots, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts, will instantly lift your mood. A special challenge at Koko Cafe is choosing just one treat from the irresistible selection. That's why we suggest bringing along selected fellow dessert enthusiasts to enjoy a collective tasting of delights such as crispy cannoli with vanilla cream and forest fruit filling, pistachio cheesecake, and chocolate raspberry with the finest Callebaut chocolate.

Regardless of your choice, we believe you will come back for more because the irresistible flavors of Galerija's desserts leave an indelible mark, turning every day into a sweet adventure.

The confectionery's working hours are every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Don't forget to scan your receipts through the Galerija app after each purchase. You can convert accumulated points into an e-voucher and reduce the bill on your next purchase in more than 170 stores, restaurants, cinemas, or in the entertainment center in your Galerija! Visitors have access to free parking in the underground garage, as well as in the newly opened outdoor garage.

Povezane radnje

Caffe Chiara

Jedinstveno mesto, na najatraktivnijoj lokaciji u gradu. Prijatni ambijent za odmor i opuštanje uz Julius Meinl kafu, homemade kolače i sladolede. Napravite predah od šopinga uz naše uvek sveže sendviče, salate i voćne kupove.

Cafe Gram

Najbolje mesto za pauzu i kafu.


Gosti Kafeterije se svakog jutra mogu razbuditi uz ukuse Indija ili Brazil espresa, poboljšati produktivnost uz ukuse Kolumbije, Kenije ili Etiopije, uživati u specijalno pripremljenim blendovima ili završiti dan uz bezkofeinske napitke.

Lola Cafe

Popijte omiljenu kafu u udobnom ambijentu LOLA CAFÉ-a.


Slatko kraljevstvo za sve ljubitelje poslastica.

Koko Cafe

Savršen doživljaj kafe u našoj zelenoj oazi podstaći će Vaša čula i ulepšati Vam dan. Naše ljubazno osoblje će se potruditi da Vaše slobodno vreme upotpuni izuzetnom aromom Hausbrandt kafe, osvežavajućim sveže ceđenim sokovima i drugim interestantim napicima.

Crna Ovca

Crna Ovca sa svojom ponudom ukusa, najfinijeg ručno pravljenog kremastog sladoleda, je stigla u Galeriju. Osetite ukus čistog zadovoljstva, i probudite najlepša čula.